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Songs Sung on Congo Bongo Island (and sometimes the Mushroom Kingdom)


There is one thing I didn't like about Donkey Kong Country show and it's that the characters suffer from a disease known as Annoying Spontaneous Singing Syndrome (A*S*S* Syndrome for short). By this I mean that in every episode there would come a time when the characters start singing for no reason. You may like this I don't. But for some reason, I feel these tunes deserve a section to themselves.

How to Recognize Annoying Spontaneous Singing Syndrome
1) Singing at random times
2) Somehow there is a prepared song with verses, rhymes etc. when there was no rehearsing of any kind
3) Terrible singing voices
4) Organized dance moves
5) It makes viewers feel strange and scared
Warning: A*S*S* Syndrome is very contageous and can spread to others very easily.

The Curse of the Golden Banana
Cranky: See here! Look what you've done now!
You have brought the wrath of Inka-Dinka-Doo on down!
DK: How can such a pretty thing as this
Make things really go amiss?
All I want is Candy's kiss.

Cranky: You're a fool, can't you see that there's a curse?
Put the Banana back or things are gonna get much worse.
DK: What's with all the worry?
Can't you see I'm in a hurry?
It's the perfect gift for our anniversary!

Cranky: The curse will bring the destruction of the entire island, and there'll be no bananas left for you to eat!
DK: No bananas?!

Both: It's the curse of the Golden Banana!
The curse of the Golden Banana!
The curse of the Golden Banana!
The curse of the Golden Banana!
The curse of the Golden Banana!


Someone get my Teeth Back

    Klaptrap: I like the taste of a pirate ship A yummy boat filled with is so hip Scurvy took my teeth 'cuz he's afraid of me He knows I'll eat everything I see I got a deal that you can't refuse I got the key, something you can use If you don't help me then it looks like we're beat Someone get my teeth back- I gotta eat! Haven't had a checkup in a century I can't recall a single cavity Pardon me for frowning, I don't mean to be rude Without my teeth I'm gumming on my food That Captain Scurvy, man, what a pest! He took my teeth and threw them in the crow's nest If you don't help me, then it looks like we're beat Someone get my teeth back Someone get my teeth back Someone get my teeth back- I gotta eat!
    The Mirror Never Lies
        Scurvy: Arr, feast your eyes. Look into the mirror it never lies. You're a pirate, can't you see that this is no disguise You live to maim, pillage, loot and terrorize Your reflection tells the story of a pirate's life and glory Trust your eyes The Mirror never lies Arr. DK: How can this be I vaguely recall swinging tree-to-tree Now I see a pirate that's in front of me With slimy skin and beady eyes What a surprise The reflection tells the story Of a pirate's life of glory Trust my eye The mirror never lies DK + Scurvy: The reflection tells the story Of a pirate's life of glory Trust your eyes The mirror never lies The mirror never lies
                    About to be Beaten                                                                                                                           DK:     "I know I'm gonna get my butt kicked tonight,
                             I'll be in so much pain I will hardly stand up right"
                            "I'm gonna take a thrashing, he's gonna pound me to dust,
                             by the time he's finish pounding you'll never recognise me"

                    Candy: "Be strong!
                    DK:    "And soon I'll be gummin' on my food"
                    Candy: "Just don't lose heart. Keep your, head up..."
                    DK:    "So he can knock it off my shoulders"
                    Candy: "You'll be back on your feet"
                    DK:    "In crutches"


                During the songs in the show, the best thing to do is to plug your ears like Krusha here and wait for it to end. The singing is the worst chunk of the show and worst case of A*S*S* Syndrome I have ever seen.

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