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Who are you?


Alright soldier, this is a quiz I made for recruiting purposes to help you see which character you are most similar too. Take a shot at it.

#1. Which word you say best describes you?
A) Helpful                                                                                HGEDA631
B) Greedy                                                                                HFB25
C) Hard-Working                                                                      HGE48
D) Cool                                                                                  GF97
E) A leader                                                                             EDB215
F) A helper                                                                                 HFC9764
#2. On average you get what mark in school?
A) 50-                                                                                        FC
B) 51-60                                                                                     HGD4
C) 61-70                                                                                      B972
D) 71-80                                                                                    8513
E) 81-90                                                                                      A6
F) 91-100                                                                                    E
#3 When someone does something you don't like you...
A) Accept their failure                                                                GEDA761
B) Not care                                                                                GFC9
C) Grouch at them                                                                    HEB85423
D) Punish them                                                                           HB5
#4. Using the words below, define what your diet is?
A) Healthy eater                                                                       GFE3
B) Glutton                                                                                 HB51
C) Somewhere in the middle                                                  DCA987642
#5. How often do you exercise?
A) Never                                                                                  H65418
B) Occasionally                                                                       BA972
C) Usually                                                                                EC3
D) A lot                                                                                     DG
E) It's my life                                                                              F
#6. What is your goal in life?
A) To help nice people                                                            GEDA9761
B) To help mean people                                                           HFCB5423
C) To battle good people                                                           HF542
D) To battle mean people                                                        DCB71
E) To not be killed                                                                       86
#7. How often are you punished for doing something wrong?
A) Never                                                                                    E61
B) Once a month                                                                       GA937
C) Once a week                                                                            D8
D) Every other day                                                                       FC4
E) I'm always grounded                                                                HB52
#8. You hvae aomslt fniiehsd the qiuz. Jsut two mroe to go.
A) I understood that statment.                                               GEBA98652137
B) I'm confused                                                                            HFDC4
#9. When you try something you usually...
A) Succeed                                                                               GED9813
B) Complete the task poorly                                                        HGA76
C) Fail miserably                                                                       HFCB542
D) You didn't even try to do something                                             F
10) My favourite character of these shows is...
A) Mario                                                                                       1
B) Luigi                                                                                        6
C) Princess Toadstool                                                                   E
D) Toad                                                                                        9
E) King Koopa                                                                              2
F) Mouser                                                                                     4
G) Triclyde                                                                                   C
H) DK                                                                                            D
 I) Diddy                                                                                          7
J) Candy                                                                                         3
K) Dixie                                                                                          A
L) Cranky                                                                                         8
M) Funky                                                                                         G
N) Bluster                                                                                       5
O) King K. Rool                                                                               B
P) Klump                                                                                            
Q) Krusha                                                                                        F
Alright varmint go back and highlight the section beside the answers you picked. Record all the numbers/letters and whichever you have the most of will be the character you are. See below for number/letter-character key.
If you got mostly...
1, you are Mario, you are nice and helpful but tend to eat a bit too much
2, you are King Koopa, you are a mean and greedy person and unsuccessful
3, you are Candy, a good looking and healthy person but not very useful
4, you are Mouser, always useful in situations and healthy, just not to bright
5, you are Bluster, a greedy person but you are willing to help good over evil
6, you are Luigi, you are a nice person and a have average health, but are easily scared
7, you are Diddy, a helpful and nice but cool guy with an average physique
8, you are Cranky, you are a big grouch but very hard working and successful
9, you are Toad, you aren't very helpful but you are a nice and cool peron
A, you are Dixie, a nice and healthy person but you aren't all that helpful
B, you are King K. Rool, you are a greedy and selfish person but a good leader
C, you are Triclyde, strong and stupid you are, but you can come in handy
D, you are DK, a good person and a good fighter but not all that brainy
E, you are Princess Toadstool, a smart and healthy person but not that useful in situations
F, you are Krusha, a highly strong and useful ally but you are one of the slowest thinkers
G, you are Funky, a cool, useful and healthy guy but a low intelligence
H, you are Klump, you have average intelligence and are unsuccessful and unhealthy

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