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Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Super Mario Bros. Super Show
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Show Summary

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show is based on the 2 popular video games "Super Mario Bros", and "Super Mario Bros. 2". There are over 52 episodes in total each including a live action segment and an animated segment. The live action bits took place in the Mario Bros. home apartment in brooklyn. Not much happens in these seven minutes until the cartoon comes along.

The cartoon is longer and has a better plot than the live acting. Each episode (with the exception of one), involves Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Toad trying to foil one of King Koopas plots to steal their gold coins. In most episodes, king koopa would disguise himself to make the episode a bit of a parody. Although the show is off the air, they are playing a new one each week at yahooligans tv section. Enjoy. 


To view episodes of SMBSS:


One of koopas many costumes, this one being Emporer Koopa.

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