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Yet Another Episode Guide

This is a description of all the episodes of Donkey Kong Country. (I know my description of this page is lame but I am really tired at the moment so Bah Humbug)

Bad Hair Day

When King K. Rool’s last attack fails, he comes up with a new strategy to steal the Crystal Coconut by cloning Candy Kong with an evil robot. While trimming Donkey Kong’s hair, Candy Clone puts a hex on him that removes all of his strength, which now leaves the Crystal Coconut without a protector. With time running out, Cranky must come up with an antidote and get it to Donkey Kong before King K. Rool and his army succeed in their next attack.

Ape Foo Young

Fed up with King K. Rool’s constant attacks, Cranky longs to be young again to duke out his own battles. After drinking a concoction of youth serum, Cranky finds himself 40 years younger. While Cranky heads out to clobber King K. Rool, Donkey Kong comes across the potion and drinks it, turning into a baby! With our hero in diapers, and Cranky’s plan backfiring, the fate of Kongo Bongo is now within King K. Rool’s reach.

Booty And The Beast

Captain Scurvy and his Pirates invade Kongo Bongo! Scurvy has come to claim his birthright; “The Crystal Coconut”, which was buried on the island centuries ago by his Great, Great, Great Grandpappy. Donkey Kong and Diddy stowaway on Scurvy’s Pirate Ship to steal the coconut back, but are soon caught and forced to walk the plank. Just when things look bleakest they receive help from the most unlikely of sources.

Barrel, Barrel, Who’s Got The Barrel

When Bluster Kong steals the Crystal Coconut in an effort to impress Candy, he accidentally sends it on a joyride across Kongo Bongo, ultimately ending up in the White Mountains with Eddie the Yeti. Now it’s up to Donkey Kong and Diddy to receive it. The problem is General Klump and his Kritters have the same plan!

Kong For A Day

When King K. Rool and his cronies conspire to make Donkey Kong look bad to his friends, it works even better than they expected. Cranky banishes Donkey Kong to the White Mountains and the Crystal Coconut reveals Diddy as the new Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo. However, everyone soon realizes that Donkey Kong’s shoes are a lot harder to fill when King K. Rool plans his biggest attack yet on the unsuspecting apes.

Raiders Of The Lost Banana

When Polly Roger steals the Crystal Coconut, Donkey Kong and Diddy chase him into the Ancient Temple Ruins in an effort to get it back. Once there, Donkey Kong disturbs the sleeping idol “Inka Dinkadu” when he removes a sacred golden banana is returned. Unfortunately, Donkey Kong has already given the banana to Candy, who has now been kidnapped by King K. Rool!

From Zero to Hero

After Cranky offers free physical to everyone on Kongo Bongo Island; Bluster overhears Cranky telling the others “some bad news” and misinterprets the information as his test results. Thinking he has only a week to live, Bluster decides to turn over a new leaf and become “Bluster the Benevolent”; - unfortunately, it’s at the risk of driving everyone else crazy!

Buried Treasure

When Donkey Kong and his buddies find an antique map, they embark on a Treasure Hunt that leads them on an adventure to the far off Mountain Mines. What they don’t know is that everyone else on Kongo Bongo, including King K. Rool, is on the same adventure! After a wild chase to find the treasure, no one is more surprised than our hero to find out what the contents of the treasure chest are.

Cranky’s Tickle Tonic

When Eddie the Mean Old Yeti keeps all the Kongo Bongoians awake at nights with his relentless “club banging”, Cranky creates a Tickle Tonic to cheer him up. Unfortunately, while Cranky goes on a mission to deliver it, Donkey Kong and Diddy accidentally cast a spell on the Crystal Coconut, enabling the Coconut to “float” …eventually floating right into King K. Rool’s hands!

Get A Life, Don’t Save One

When Donkey Kong saves Bluster’s life, Bluster is so grateful he decides to return the favor; appointing himself as Donkey Kong’s constant companion – twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! With everyone’s patience reaching their limit, Donkey Kong and Diddy discover that the only way to rid themselves of Bluster’s gratitude is to reverse the favour and have Bluster save Donkey Kong’s life … a task that’s easier said than done.


When the Inca Idol summons Donkey Kong to test his skills in the Labyrinths of the Inca Ruins, Donkey Kong has no idea that his abilities are being tested in order to prepare him for his biggest challenge yet; - a Dance Contest against his most prized enemy, King K. Rool!

Double Date Trouble

Donkey Kong finds himself in the middle of a personal predicament when Candy and Diddy pressure Donkey Kong to choose whom he’d rather spend time with; his best friend or his girlfriend. In his hastiness, Donkey Kong accidentally makes plans with both of them on the same night. To add to his dilemma, Cranky sends Donkey Kong on a Top Secret Mission that completely backfires, leaving Cranky’s Cabin an open target for a full assault by King K. Rool and his army.

The Curse Of Kongo Bongo

Donkey Kong puts all of Kongo Bongo in jeopardy when he reads a letter delivered by the dead pirate Bluebeard Baboon which recites an ancient pirate curse! Kongo Bongo is soon in danger of sinking to the ocean floor unless Donkey Kong and Diddy can retrieve all the other letters sent to Donkey Kong’s friends. In the meantime, Cranky has discovered a solution to the problem, which soon ends up in the hands of his archenemy; King K. Rool!

In a ruse to keep DK occupied long enough to steal the Crystal Coconut, K. Rool plans to lure DK into a runaway minecar rigged with no brakes. In the meantime, Krusha has been bonked on the head and become a sophisticated and evil companion to K. Rool, -- unfortunately, he's so evil he's upped the stakes to K. Rool's Plan and rigged a bomb to the mine car, which now contains two innocent little monkeys; Diddy and Dixie!

Klump's Lumps

When General Klump makes one too many blunders, he is suddenly stripped of his rank, ousted from K. Rool's headquarters and left homeless. Feeling sorry for Klump, Dixie invites Klump to live with the apes. This too is short lived since Klump's militant mumbo jumbo drives everyone crazy, forcing Klump to go solo once again. That is until K. Rool shows up, suddenly interested to have Klump back. After all, now that Klump has won the apes trust and confidence, Who better to steal the Crystal Coconut?

Bluster's Sale Ape-Stravaganza

When Candy convinces Cranky to be the spokesperson of Bluster's Promo ad, everything seems to be running on schedule...that is, until Donkey Kong and Diddy accidentally give Cranky a dose of Sleeping Tonic which makes Cranky fall asleep -- indefinitely! And if that's not bad enough, they lose Cranky's body, which means Candy might lose her job. In the mantime, K. Rool and Klump are using the Secret Weapon Dungi Barrel to attempt to steal the Crystal Coconut.

The Legend of the Crystal Coconut

Scurvy and the Pirates are back on Kongo Bongo Island to claim Scurvy's birthright, the Crystal Coconut! In the meantime, an unaware Donkey Kong is visiting the Inca Temple in an attempt to find out what all the mysteries, powers and knowledge of the Crystal Coconut are. However, when DK misinterprets Inca Dinka Du's advice and hands over the Crystal Coconut to King K. Rool, everyone, including the Pirates, are now on a mad chase to retrieve it!

Kong Fu

It's the Annual Donkey Kong Challenge, and for the first time ever, Donkey Kong is actually being challenged for his title as Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo. No one is more surprised than an out of shape DK, who must face off with the legendary Martial Arts Fighter, Kong Fu! A challenger who not only surpasses DK in size and stature, but is backed by King K. Rool, who plans on winning the match...and the prize...the Crystal Coconut!

I Spy with My Hairy Eye

Diddy convinces DK to have some fun with the Crystal Coconut; asking it for favours. The end result is that Diddy accidentally wishes to be invisible. It's all fun and gags, until General Klump and Krusha steal the Crystal Coconut. Meanwhile, K. Rool has locked himself in his vault, and can't get out. To make matters worse, the stolen Coconut falls into the hands of Candy Clone who is off to the White Mountains where Eddie the Mean Old Yeti lives. The chase is on!

Bug a Boogie

When Krusha and Klump steal one of DK and Diddy's "Banana Phones" (the jungle version of the "Walkie-talkie"), they believe they have found the perfect way to spy on our heroes and eaves-drop their way into stealing the Crystal Coconut once and for all. But DK and Diddy one-up their scaly foes by playing a practical joke on them and "discussing" the shiny "amulet" that is "even more powerful than the coconut and is hidden in the Forbidden Forest!" When Cranky hears of DK and Diddy's horsing around, he endeavors to teach them a lesson about how NOT FUN practical jokes can be by playing one on them himself! The result is a terrible one. While Cranky is laughing at DK and Diddy, Scurvy steals the coconut! Will they get it back before the "Bog Monster" eats them all? Will Cranky learn a lesson from Funky about "Zen Karma?" Stay tuned!

Watch the Skies

When Diddy ponders where the mysterious temple of Inca Dinka Du came from, Funky has the answer: Interplanetary Visitor Dudes. This, and the sighting of what is believed to be a UFO has Diddy convinced that everyone on the Island is falling under the zombie-like trance of visiting aliens. Desperate to save his friends and stop the alien invasion, Diddy has little recourse but to seek the help of King K. Rool!

Baby Kong Blues

When Donkey Kong and Diddy comment on how easy taking care of Baby Kong looks, Candy and Dixie decide to put them to the test and teach them a lesson about what a responsibility babysitting can be! Left alone with the baby, our heroes find out just how wrong they were when Baby Kong falls into the hands of none other than King K. Rool! And to everyone's surprise, King K. Rool is thrilled to have a little heir to his throne of evil! Donkey Kong and Diddy have to come up with a solution fast...not only to save face with the girls, but to save Baby Kong from a horrible future with...*gulp*...K. Rool for a father!?


When Donkey Kong slips on one of his own banana peels and falls down an elevator shaft, he gets more than a bump on the noggin - he gets amnesia! Suddenly DK doesn't know who he is or where he's from, which can be dangerous in a fforest filled with bad guys who would like nothing more than to turn DK to the "dark side" and get him working for them! Enlisted by first Scurvy and then K. Rool to steal the Crystal Coconut for them, DK's friends endeavor to "jog" his memory and get the coconut back before its too late!

The Big Chill Out

Donkey Kong is worried that he will lose Candy to Bluster. And with good reason - after all, all DK and Diddy do with their days is sit around and eat bananas...Bluster owns a factory and is a successful businessape! How can he possibly compete with that? Luckily, DK and Diddy accidentally stumble upon the perfect invention to break the jungle heat wave - the Coconut Chiller !!! DK is thrilled - He may be able to be as successful as Bluster after all! But Bluster knows a good thing when he tastes it, and he convinces DK and Diddy to into business with him and "reinvest" their profits. DK and Diddy learn that running a factory kind of takes the fun out of earning bananas...and almost lose sight of their true destiny when the Crystal Coconut is stolen! In the end, only Candy can convince DK that she loves him for who he is, not how many bananas he's worth.

To the Moon Baboon

Donkey Kong comes up with an amazing way to carve a place in history for Kongo Bongo: to send a time capsule to the moon filled with all sorts of artifacts from everyone who lives there so that future generations can see what kind of island it really was! But there's just one problem. Well, two actually. The first problem is that Bluster is put in charge of the mission (after all, he is the only one with an actual rocket!). The second problem is that DK cannot think of anything really important to put in the capsule! All of his ideas pale in comparison to everyone else's. Banana's don't seem valuable enough (and they rot!), clothing is too insignificant... But in DK's haste to find something more important than Bluster's contributions, he may just throw in the most important thing of all!

A Thin Line Between Love and Ape

Bluster has a bit of a "thing" for Candy, and he will stop at nothing to win her love from Donkey Kong...even if he has to make a magic love potion to convince her! But there is a thin line between love and hate, and when the love potion falls into the wrong hands (many many times!), Bluster's crush becomes much more than a case of "monkey love"! As one character after another gets sprayed with the mysterious potion, love and hate fly through the air - and strange allegiances form, putting the Crystal Coconut and the future of Kongo Bongo in limbo!
Hooray For Holly-Kongo Bongo

Everyone wants in on the act as Bluster gets ready to produce and direct his first feature film. While Bluster is in it for the money, Donkey Kong figures it’s a good way to impress Candy. King K. Rool, well, he just wants to use those acting lessons he bought over the phone.

Blaster’s casting choices surprises everyone. Donkey Kong is cast as the villain and relies on “method acting”. He becomes so evil that when the Crystal Coconut goes missing, he’s the main suspect.

The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights

Tis the season for gift-giving and fireworks. It’s also the one day of the year that there’s a truce between the Apes and Lizards. The Apes sit around the Crystal Coconut and exchange gifts, while the Lizards go home to the swamps to be with their loved-ones and drink Bog-Nog. The Crystal Coconut is safe…or is it?

While Donkey Kong is off trying to find really great presents for his friends he discovers that there is one Lizard left all alone. Klump doesn’t have any family. They decide to team up on the gift hunt.

Meanwhile, “Pure Scum” be landing on the beach. Pirates don’t honour the annual truce, and Scurvy wants the Crystal Coconut, his birthright. Well, he does want something else, but it was lost to him years ago, and you can’t take something that’s lost.

Speak No Evil, Dude

While cutting through the mine tunnel, Diddy overhears King K. Rool’s plans to take over the island. Unfortunately, the symptoms for Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease have begun and Diddy hasn’t been vaccinated. However, by the time he reaches Donkey Kong to warn him, he is at stage four of the disease and Diddy has lost his voice.

Thinking that Diddy is trying to warn them that the Banana Plantations are overrun, Donkey Kong and Funky take off to eat their fill of bananas and thin out the plantation.

Meanwhile, as King K. Rool is issuing orders to his army, he begins to sniff and sneeze. This time, Klump misinterprets the commands and begins plans to “blow up the island”!

Could King K. Rool be coming down with Kongo Bongo Gone Wrongo disease as well? Is there a cure? Will it come in time to save Diddy? King K. Rool? THE ISLAND?

The Day The Island Stood Still

It’s a day like any other on the island while Donkey Kong and Diddy guard the Crystal Coconut. Diddy tries in vain to get past level three of his video game and Donkey Kong, weary from all the hard “work” settles down for a nap proclaiming that he wishes he could “sleep forever”. Suddenly Kongo Bongo Island stands still! The Barrel Factory halts productions, Klump and Krusha’s “fitness test” at the hands of King K. Rool seems destined to go on forever, the sun stops moving – all while the Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo snores away! Cranky, Candy, Bluster and Diddy band together trying to break the curious spell before the Crystal Coconut falls into the wrong hands. With a little help from the idol of Inka Dinka Doo and King K. Rool himself, our sleeping hero is “kissed awake” just in time to save the day!

Monkey Seer, Monkey Do

Cranky is excited, having completed a life sized bronzed statue, a monument of Donkey Kong the Future Ruler. He is however tired of working his opposable thumbs to the bone while all Donkey Kong seems to do is loaf around, eating bananas. Cranky decides that Donkey Kong must come up with an inscription for the statue himself…and soon! Meanwhile at Funky’s place, Diddy, Donkey Kong and their trippy pal summon the Mystic Oracle of the lave lamp to read the future. Funky’s gonna catch an epic wave on his surfboard, Diddy’s gonna be the “smartest monkey to ever live” and Donkey Kong is gonna be “livin’ lonely” all week long. Whether Donkey Kong likes it or not, the Mystic Oracle’s powers he decides he needs it to help him take over Kongo Bongo Island. Chaos ensures! Luckily, King K. Rool gets what de deserves and Donkey Kong learns that the best thing he can be is “A monkey in charge of his own fate”.

Four Weddings And A Coconut

Bluster’s constant marriage proposals get Candy wondering whether or not Donkey Kong will marry her. Not wanting to wait around for Donkey Kong to pop the question, Candy does the asking…and sends Donkey Kong into a tailspin! Could it be we’ve found the one thing that really frightens the future ruler of Kongo Bongo? Hoping to find a loophole”, Donkey Kong and his best man, Diddy head off to visit the idol of Inca Dinka Doo. Will Donkey Kong find out what he needs to know? Will Candy marry the ape of her dreams? Or will it be Bluster’s luck day? One thing’s for sure, Klump and Krusha make a lovely couple and with all of these wedding day hysterics and King K. Rool on the loose, nothing is safe—especially not the Crystal Coconut!

Follow That Coconut

Only one day left till the annual soccer game against the lizards! Donkey Kong and Diddy begin practicing their fancy footwork, Donkey Kong mastering his “big foot kick”, with a coconut they find on the beach. But this is not ordinary coconut – it’s a replica of the Crystal Coconut! When the lizards see this they implement a diabolical “Switcheroo” plan that lands the real Crystal Coconut in the slimy hands of King K. Rool, making him the self proclaimed “most powerful creature alive”! Will our hero come through with the fate of Kongo Bongo Island resting in the balance? How will Donkey Kong react when he is forced to choose between the Crystal Coconut and his “little buddy”? Will Cranky remember his winning soccer play from the first Lizard vs. Apes soccer game? Eventually the Crystal Coconut returns to its rightful owner, but not without a little help from Eddie the Yeti and a good dose of “mistaken coconut identity”!

Vote For Kong-Fidence

Bluster’s not so sure that Donkey Kong should automatically be the Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo and wants it put to a vote. The idol of Inka Dinka Doo thinks is a fine idea as well, and “Everyone is in the running, to make the outcome all the more stunning”. And since “everyone” is in the running, King K. Rool throws his hat into the election ring.

While Donkey Kong feels that he will win simply because he’s the most popular, Blaster and King K. Rool start campaigning hard. Both have platforms and discuss current island issues. Everybody loves THEM! This reduces Donkey Kong to a smear campaign. Hmmm, wonder what the outcome will be?

The Big Which A-Roo

Cranky has just put the finishing touches on a Robot to help out in Bluster’s Barrel Factory and brain transfer helmets. Both inventions can be very useful…in the right hands, that is. When King K. Rool learns about the helmets he immediately sends his two henchmen out after them! By the time Klump and Krusha get to Cranky’s, Donkey Kong has had a chance to “play” with these new toys and inadvertently switches his brain with that of the Robot. Now Donkey Kong can finally follow orders, but Robot-Donkey Kong is off on a banana hunt. Wait! It gets worse. While running though the forest Klump bumps into Candy sending the helmet flying through the air and landing on each other HEADS! Not noticing the change, Krusha grabs the helmets and Klump and heads for King K. Rool’s lair. Oohh! Candy in Klump’s body – I can’t look! Now King K. Rool has to deal with a lady ape who ain’t no lady.

Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Bluster

What happens when you accidentally cross a balding, money-hungry, mommy’s-boy monkey with a magical hair serum? You get Leo Luster, daddy-o! Leo is so cool he can put anybody in a trance, be it a mesmerized Candy or King K. Rool and his slimy henchmen. Things get a little complicated when Donkey Kong decides that he’d rather watch a baseball game on the tube than take Candy to the opening of Funky’s new Bistro for a romantic dinner. Could it be that Donkey Kong is in danger of losing both his girlfriend and the Crystal Coconut in one night?

Best Of Enemies

What’s this? Pictures of Cranky and King K. Rool, together? Laughing? Hugging? Donkey Kong and Diddy are a little confused after finding theses “happy moments” from Cranky's youth. Seems he and King K. Rool were the best of friends. Pulling pranks and running amok on the island. According to Cranky’s story that all came to an end when King K. Rool cheated to win a contest. They’ve been sworn enemies since. Well…you know Donkey Kong and Diddy; they just can’t let an opportunity to be do-gooders pass them by. They’re going to get these two “best buddies” together again if it is the last thing that they do. And it just very well may be…

It’s A Wonderful Life

Donkey Kong is having one of those days. Seem like nothing he does is right – breaking Funky’s surfboard, locking up the Crystal Coconut and losing the combinations, losing Diddy’s lucky autographed ball. It’s all going wrong. Maybe a nap will make the bad karma go away? Unless, of course, he sleeps through the annual Future Ruler of Kongo Bongo Barbecue Banana Dinner being held in his honour! Donkey Kong begins to think that Kongo bongo would be better off without him. And that’s exactly what happens when Donkey Kong wakes up from a bump on his head. No one can see or hear him! Kongo Bongo Island has gone haywire – Diddy is running an evil empire, King K. Rool is trying to protect the Papier Mache Lily Pad, AND CANDY IS MARRIED TO BLUSTER!! Something tells me that this is not a good thing.

Just Kidding

It’s “All Fool’s Day” on the Island of Kongo Bongo and it seems Cranky is out to get everybody. Collapsing chairs, whoopie cushions, catapulting cream pies’, no ape is safe from his practicle jokes. Donkey Kong, Diddy and Candy have had enough. It’s time to fight fire with fire. However, the joke is still on them when they hand over the Crystal Coconut to King K. Rool…thinking he’s Donkey Kong...and Krusha and Klump think Donkey Kong is King K. Rool. Confused? Seems All fools Day” is turning everyone into fools.

Message In A Bottle Show

Wow! Donkey Kong has been elected as Future Ruler of All Future Rulers! As Donkey Kong says, “It was an honour to just to be nominated”. Of course this means he has to leave Kongo Bongo Island. Cranky and Diddy take this opportunity to throw Donkey Kong a huge farewell banquet. All of Donkey Kong’s friends turn out to bid the big guy adieu. Everyone has fond memories of Donkey Kong, though not all of them complimentary. The Lizards have a few things to say about Donkey Kong as well. Could it be they’ll miss Donkey Kong just as much as everyone else?

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