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The Pipe Maze

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When Kremlings and Koopas aren't the Problem...

There are a number of others who feel that evil is the way to go. They take the place of the villain when the viewers need a change from K. Rool and King Koopa. Who are the you ask, lets find out.

The Pirates of Congo Bongo

Scurvy, Green Kroc and Kutlass
These guys are the main reason I made this page. The three pirates, Captain Scurvy, Green Kroc and Kutlass, sail the seven seas and occaisonally stop by on Congo Bongo to swipe the Crystal Coconut. Scurvy claims the coconut to be his birthright and therefore it belongs to him. He and his pirates will stop at nothing to claim their prize. They also do the things pirates should, burrying gold, looting and all that stuff.
A note as to why Scurvy looks a lot like Klump is because they are Brothers.

The Undivorcable

Queen Rotunda
Queen Rotunda is the not so nice queen of Rotunda Land. She has a crush on her Prince Charming but cannot get him to notice her. In attempt to spray him with love potion, she ends up spraying herself and falls in love with Mario. Although she sounds loving she is pretty tough person. You'll be sent to the dungeons for life for stealing her vegetables and who knows what will happen if you say her dress makes her look fat.

Sargent What-His-Name

Sgt. Kooperman
If you can't tell by his uncreative name, Sgt. Kooperman has pretty much the same personality, cruelty, and even voice actor. He is Mario and Luigi's old teacher back in Brooklyn. He took them and a number of other plumbers through the

The Koopa kids

The Koopa Kids
Hip, Hop, Bully, Kootie Pie, Kooky, Bigmouth, and Cheatsy Koopa are King Koopas seven children. They are always a menace to the Mushroom Kingdom whether they are pulling pranks or trying to rule the world. None of them can be trusted, they will even try to throw their King Dad off the throne. These characters only appeared in the shows "Super Mario World" and "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3". To learn about their individual traits, go to the "Other People" section.

Eddie the Mean old Yeti
Eddie isn't so much a villain but more of a grumpy old yeti. He lives in the mountains of Congo Bongo Island and sometimes causes recklessness on the island. He doesn't appear much and isn't completely evil, but I feel he should be mentioned.

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