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An Episode Guide (No Duh)

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show had a number of episodes (52 in all). So if you haven't seen one you can learn about it here.

The Bird, The Bird
A senile birdo thinks that Toad is her missing son and won't let him leave. The troop set out to find the real baby birdo to get Toad back. Only to add to that, King Koopa finds out where they are and goes after them.
King Mario of Cramalot
Mario and Co arrive in Cramalot, only to be assualted by Beezos. They are saved by Mervin the magician, who tells them about how Koopa took over Cramalot, and how he can be defeated with a golden plunger that one must pull from a golden sink. Although Mario succeeds in pulling the plunger, he ends up losing it to Koopa, and the group is sentenced to execution in a dungeon.

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