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There were 2 other cartoons that followed the same basic lines as the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. One with Mario and Co. on Dino island, this show was caled "Super Mario World". The other took place only in the Mushroom Kingdom, this one was "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3". These shows had characters who weren't in the SMB:SS so here is a basic guide to them.


Yoshi is a baby dinosaur living on Dino Island. He is one of the calmer dinosaurs and is welcome in Dome City, where all the cavepeople live. Yoshi likes to help Mario and Luigi but can often be a bit cowardly.


Hip and Hop
Hip and Hop are the two youngest koopaling's (king koopas kids). They are twins who are more interested in pulling pranks than taking over the mushroom kingdom or kidnapping princess.


Kootie Pie
She is the only girl of the koopalings. She is a spoiled little brat who enjoys shopping sprees and fashion. She hates it when things don't go her way.


Cheatsy Koopa
Cheats is the koopa who cheats for money, and lives up to his name. He likes to take the easy way through life instead of the hard. He also has the ugliest eylids I've ever seen.


Bully Koopa
In short, Bully is a bully. He is the toughest in the family and isn't to be trusted. He has even tried to throw his dad, king koopa, off the throne.


Bigmouth Koopa
Bigmouth is yet another koopa kid. He is the biggest chatterbox in the mushroom kingdom and on top of that, he's also loud.


Kooky Koopa
Kooky is the smart koopaling. He puts his mind into building inventions to rule the world. He has a strange laugh and annoying voice like all evil scientists.
Oogtar is one of the cavepeople living in Dome City. He likes pulling jokes on people or just plain annoying them. He is not the most popular kid but is yoshis friend

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